What would Goethe say about modern Energy Medicine methods?

skill-ladder-energy-medicine-250px-48kIf we converge Energy Medicine with Goethe’s natural science methods and hopes for the inner growth of the experimenter, we get something like Goethean Spiritual Science.

If Goethe were alive today, and took an interest in he experimental methods of Energy Medicine, I imagine this leading to many ideas about Spiritual Science and Spiritual Scientists.

Self-healers and spiritual scientists do not “kill” or “get rid of” unwanted expressions. They redirect and transform expressions.

B.F. Skinner popularized talk of “extinguishing” undesirable behaviors. This intellectual onlooker language endures today in University circles and among older psychologists and behaviorists.

Younger fresher counselors grasp how self-connection is one of the endgames. “Search-and-destroy” language to eliminate, do away with, and eradicate is military language not appropriate for personal-spiritual growing.

When a conscious-waking self uses “search-and-destroy” language their immune-system-self, our inner child hears resists; because, this is the language of againstness. A nurturing parent does not use military metaphors with a child. Telling the b/s you are going to eliminate a habit is like telling the basic self you are going to cut off a finger.

The b/s is only habits, to maintain habits on all levels PACME. It’s doing the best job it can do to maintain every habit we set in motion. The conscious-waking self is a god to our immune-system-self. To say “I’m going to “extinguish this habit” tells the b/s, “I am going to kill part of you.” How cooperative do you think the average b/s is going to be with this approach to altering habits?

As magical as Skinner was with pigeons and animals, he had very poor luck connecting with his own inner child; and, was famously a failure raising a healthy daughter.

Self-healers talk about redirecting habits, redeeming habits, altering habits and upgrading habits.
Habits are energy that can be conditioned. Like pottery clay, habits can be re-shaped, if you work with love.

All this sensitivity points to NLP’s ideas of an “ecological check” when doing change work. You can’t do away with any part of your own psychic energy. You can only repress it or project it.

If you dismiss it off to “Siberia” in your consciousness, where it will sit in the outskirts of your aura, to be projected on the next likely screen coming towards you.

Better is to redirect, reform, transform and mature-up these energies. Give them new healthy jobs.

Who is a Goethean Spiritual Scientist today?

It could be anyone. Maybe even you. A spiritual scientist cannot be defined for everyone any more than “artist” or “spiritual” can be defined for everyone.

At least seven billion ways exist to compose an artistic creation. Just as many or more ways exist to deliberately apply yourself to your own Journey of Self-healing.

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