Future of Energy Medicine thru the lens of Goethean Science

abstract-flower-bowl86kFuture of Energy Medicine thru the lens of Goethean Science

Goethean Holistic Science is the “friend” of cell-level-intelligence. Using any method from the Skill Ladder of Energy Medicine Methods, anyone who wishes to, can validate and verify the reality and activity of their own cell-level-intelligence.

Experiencing your own cell-level-intelligence, verifying and validating its reality for your self has a wonderful side effect.

In the mind of the experimenter the reality of your cell-level-intelligence dissolves a major objection of Cartesian-Newtonian scientific materialism; that, subjective energy is unreal and invalid.

This can be a healing revolution, in the domain of individual experimenters.

Once we get comfortable with the limitations of cell-level-intelligence; how, it’s primarily valid only in the domain of one person, the question is no longer, “Is invisible human energy real?” Rather the questions become:

– How will we measure invisible energy?
– What scales will we use?
– Where is my energy flowing optimally?
– Where is my energy flow obstructed?
– How best to safely move and heal my energy flow disturbances?
– What constitutes adequate and sufficient psychic self-protection for working with invisible energy in my self? With clients?

Ultimately we get around to asking:

“What self-development gains do I accrue by experimenting with this method?”

I believe this is a truly Goethean question.

Exploring this way, the difference between Cartesian-Newtonian spectator-onlooker science and Goethean holistic participatory science begins to dawn.

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Muscle testing is probably the most widespread practice of Goethean Science worldwide today. The other possibility is use of the internet; specifically, use of internet search engines–if used for self-development of the explorer–is the most widespread practice of Goethean Science worldwide today.

Self-muscle-testing would seem to be the most interesting GS method because of its direct effect on the development of individual users.

Not only that. Self-muscle-testing can be applied directly to questions of personal-spiritual growth.

Even more precisely: Self-muscle-testing can be employed to locate blocks and obstacles to personal growth, as they arise.

This is one reason self-muscle-testing occupies the middle rung of the Skill Ladder of Energy medicine Methods-Techniques-Arts.

The 20 or more methods of self-muscle-testing appear to have unparalleled effectiveness for personal development.

This train of thought leads to how out of date current training methods are for conveying competency in self-muscle-testing, since 1990.

Find an attempt to up-level muscle testing training in two places:

The 15 CCT videos at ttps://www.youtube.com/channel/UCV_fRTd-Cz5J85uz5WXhx0g/videos?view=0

The forthcoming book: Muscle Testing as Spiritual Exercise, Building a Bridge to Your Body’s Wisdom
– Muscle-Testing Redesigned for ‘God is my Partner’
– How to tune into the “bigger you”
– Making healthier choices is for everyone

Written by Bruce Dickson

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