Warp and woof of a Goethean holistic psychology

warp-woofThe warp and woof of a Goethean science; including, Goethean holistic psychology, was probably visible by 1985 or 1990. My apologies it took us Waldorf weirdos so long to spell this out in more accessible language.

Warp and woof are weaving terms; they indicate the two directions of threads in cloth. When woven together, warp and woof create whole cloth, regardless of the raw material.

Not a precise or rigorous metaphor, “warp and woof” may still clarify a Goethean holistic psychology.

The warp, one major direction-pattern contributing to whole-cloth, is the multiple, stable, logical levels, both physical and non-physical, of brain function.

To grasp the warp of brain function, we have to release the minimalist fantasy that waking brain function is primarily characterized by the triune brain, best characterized for self-healing as reptile brain, flock brain and cognitive brain. That Triune Brain was the primary, leading logical level of brain function was disproved many times by the early 2000s using real-time MRI scanning of live brains thinking and feeling. In use, our physical brain lights up in rather unpredictable ways if you expect it to light up according to the Triune Brain model.

Triune Brain is a valid logical level of brain function AND YET NOT the major, leading, primary logical level of waking brain function.

If one reads enuf Rudolf Steiner, he makes clear the place to look for the major, leading, primary logical level of waking brain function ought to be found in etheric structures of some kind, unknown as of 1925.

To grasp the warp of brain function, we have to release the maximalist fantasy that waking brain function is primarily characterized by electrochemical and/or genetic interactions.

This fantasy fuels Hospital-pharma research and may produce more useful drugs; or at least, create more drugs corporations can promote for sale. However the maximalist fantasy is obfuscation, promoting the endless dark light, Faustian glamour of if only we knew more, had more knowledge, we could understand how our brain works.

The main problem with the maximalist theory of brain function, however conceived, is you can enumerate tens of thousands of electro-chemical-genetic interaction and still fall way short of a convincing picture-explanation of quality thinking, ethical thinking, creative thinking; let alone, Imagination, Inspiration and Intuition.

If one reads Rudolf Steiner and his students, and perceives the quality of their thinking, their efforts make clear intelligence is “where it’s at” nothing less.  Articulating and expanding understanding of intelligence is big.  The theme is also present in Jung and Einstein’s thinking. The quality of thinking in Steiner and his students makes clear the place to look for the major, leading, primary logical level of waking brain function ought to be found in etheric structures of some kind. These structures, quadrants, were uncovered by Bertrand Babinet, the first inkling of the design of the Fractal Psyche, around 1985.

The warp of waking brain function is best-perceived as a convergence of multiple logical levels, perhaps 12, working together, inter-dependently, just like any smart phone appliance or video game console. Some of these logical levels are physical-material, most are in slightly higher frequencies and therefore never showing up in autopsies.

If 12 logical levels inhere in waking brain function, it may make more sense why Michael Talbot was so influential with his book, Holographic Mind (1984, 2013). Our mind is so complex, it requires multiple interfaces, which we see reflected in the visible and hidden interfaces of smart phone and video game console design.

The woof of Goethean psychology

The woof, the second, major directional-pattern, is the other half of “traditional” Goethean science, last seen poking its head above water, 1985-2005. This was the Waldorf whole-child teaching renaissance. Many of the texts produced in this period are online in full thru Google or Scribd.com.

The woof is apart from brain function, waking or otherwise. The woof is most easily perceived thru questions:

– What am I learning as a soul?

– Am I growing as a person?

– Am I on-track on my own Hero’s Journey?

In one word, we call this “self-assessment.”

In case you are not appraised of education issues, Mr. Google shows four-million pages for the search < “self-assessment” teaching > William Glasser, of Choice Theory, remains one of the big names in promoting student self-assessment.

We could say, the woof of Goethean psychology is self-assessment, hence the above questions.

Let’s keep in mind the necessary experimental nature of such questions. If you do not ask these questions, life will go on. If you wish to move forward on your own Hero’s Journey, such self-assessment questions are essential and not optional.

Law of Goldilocks in Goethean Holistic Science

The Law of Goldilocks applies to the choice of experiments and experimental methods. Each method and each experiment is ideally “not too hot, not too cold, but just right,” for the individual experimenter.

Q: Does this mean you argue for individual education curriculum customized to each child?

A: Not each child, but yes for each child by annual age, as most schools are arranged. For adults, yes for each individual.

Individualized learning is where all higher learning leads; for example, the concept of a PhD thesis.

For Goethe the twin goals of new sharable external knowledge and new awarenesses awakening in the experimenter, often difficult to share, are equally sought.

Find beginning discussion of the “warp” at http://www.HealingToolbox.org

Find beginning discussion of the “woof” at http://blog.goetheanscience.net

Goethean experiments intend practical experiments with two results:

Developing new knowledge about Creation; and, developing new awarenesses in the experimenter as a person and as a soul.

The narrow focus of Cartesian-Newtonian science

The narrow focus of Cartesian-Newtonian science is a good thing, in its place. Without it no technology at all. The purpose of Cartesian-Newtonian; well-characterized in Man or Matter is “predict and control.” Very useful for survival. Not much good for quality of life and what may still be called “the humanities.”

The premiere methodology of Cartesian-Newtonian science is the most narrowly conceived “scientific method” possible: consensus about what is “true” and “real” must pass muster with ALL of the following criteria. The phenomena must:

– Be replicable at all times, and all places, worldwide,

– Be replicable by anyone and everyone, everywhere, worldwide,

– Be replicable regardless of experimenter health, mood, talents, interests, attitudes, assumptions and preconceptions.

This may make more clear the natural connection between inner child work, of every kind, and good Goethean Science method. Both are experimental means, uncovering knowledge about the outer content of Nature and the inner content of the whole person.

This is a new idea so I welcome hearing responses from readers.

Perhaps the inner child plays no part in plant study and color study; but in a Goethean approach to self-healing, there is no escape from partnering with your immune system. It is in fact both your “tool” and your subject in self-healing. The more intimate your connection, the better. I suspect if Goethe knew about the inner child, he would applaud this such efforts. Comments invited.

Written by Bruce Dickson, HolisticBrainBalance.wordpress.com

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