Goethean Psychology 101 (2018)

DRAFT ~ Hi Bruce Dickson here.  Mr. Google informs me he has only three pages for “goethean psychology” which do not track back to this website and my other writings. As recently as 2015, an Anthroposophist in England advertised a public talk speculating on what a Goethean Psychology might be and comprise.

The last year, working on a new book in the Waldorf area, has been educational for me re Goethean Psychology.  Happily I’m learning IT ALREADY EXISTS and is alive and well.   We were simply blind, unable to see what was hidden in plain sight.

Want to see it?  Consider:  Any uncovery about the:

  • lawfulness of any natural phenomena
  • lawfulness of the human psyche
  • lawfulness of invisible realms beyond the physical
  • lawfulness of anything else…

…which is arrived at thru the method of:

  • Careful, attention, objective observation,
  • Employing all of our 12 senses, as appropriate; then
  • Inner reflection on what we feel and think about our observations…

…is very likely to be a Goethean Science expeiment or set of experiments.

If the above seems UNDERwhelming, consider:

Goethean Psychology in child-human development and K-12 curriculum and method

The whole of Waldorf child-human development theory and K-12 method and curriculum appropriate thereto–is Goethean Psychology applied to child-human development and K-12 ed.  See next article, review of Millennial Child by Eugene Schwartz.

Goethean Psychology of soul’s physical-mental-emotional condition

In 2002 a more coherent overview of Psychosynthesis lays out a Psychology of soul’s experience in the waking human form gleaned from Goethean observation and method.  See further article, review of Psychosynthesis:  Psychology of the Soul.

Goethean Psychology of interpersonal conversation

Compassionate (nonviolent) Communication (NVC) appears to me to be a Goethean Psychology of effective interpersonal conversation.  (Not to be confused with “Goethean Conversation” which I think pertains more to to Goethean Spiritual Psychology, addressed below).

Goethean Psychology in Energy Medicine

The justly famous first 100 pages of The Emotion Code by Bradley Nelson, is a Goethean Psychology employed in Energy Medicine.

Donna Eden’s Meridian Tracing demos and methods is another Goethean Psychology of acupuncture meridians, employed in Energy Medicine.  A Goethean Psychology of each meridian is laid out in the Meridian Metaphors manual.  

A Goethean Psychology of the mental-emotional meaning of pain anywhere in the body exists in professional reference book, Messages from the Body.

The practice of Herbology is Goethean Science applied to physical wellness, prevention and treatment.

The practice of Homeopathy is Goethean Science and Psychology in service to human health.

If the above still seems UNDERwhelming, consider:  I suspect the abstractions of quantum physics, divorced from the reality of the etheric body, is NOT Goethean Science.  I suspect much discussion and papers written on Quantum mechanics, quantum physics, quantum field theory may be in the vein of welfare for under-employed scientists.

An exception to the above sweeping dismissal:  The sub-atomic particle observations of Leadbeater and Besant in Occult Chemistry, their later re-validation in several books and online, including at Yale HERE.

I’m not aware yet of any significance sub-atomic particles have to human health or healing; still, they are clearly demonstrable thru Goethean Science as used by the early Theosophists, as noted. 

Goethean Psychology of clairvoyant and out-of-body experiences

I have deliberately NOT yet addressed Goethean methods applied to unconventional and rare soul experiences by clairvoyants, like Steiner.

Another recent learning I had the problems mixing psychology of soul in the waking human experience with psychology of soul in an out-of-body state has caused.

endless confusion and problems with the public; such as, inferring all Waldorf schooling must be religious since Steiner talks so much about his perceptions in an out-of-body state.  We really need a clear line in the rhetorical sand between:

  • Goethean Psychology in and applied to, primarily the physical-mental-emotional realms; and
  • Goethean Spiritual Psychology for all of RS’s more far out topics and other reports by cliarvoyants since teh 1960s of interest.
  • The Spiritual Geography of Creation from several Light and Sound groups (physical, imaginal, emotional, mental and mythological), is another Psychology of soul’s experience in the waking human form gleaned from Goethean observation and method.
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